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What We Do

We collaborate with students in the Chicago area and across the United States to execute all aspects of the college admissions process. Beginning as early as freshman year, we advise students about high school curriculum and extracurricular options. We guide students throughout the entire college admissions process, from school and major selection through application submission, transforming a potentially stressful experience into a pleasant one.

What Sets Us Apart

Our personalized, comprehensive approach allows us to provide unparalleled individual attention to each of our students. We match students with a dedicated consultant on our team and do not outsource essays or any other components of the application process. The close relationships we develop with students throughout high school enable us to help students highlight their individual strengths and interests throughout their college essays and applications.

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Gone are the days when applying to college meant “filling out a few forms” and perhaps “writing a college essay.” Today, most students must simultaneously write numerous essays, manage multiple online application platforms, and strategize about early application options as well as major and school selection.


Our students have been admitted to the following colleges and universities:

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