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As professional consultants, we view each student through objective and experienced eyes in the same way that admissions officers do. Submitting hundreds of applications with each admissions cycle enables us to assess what works (and what doesn’t) to help students showcase their distinctive attributes to each college on their list. We develop close personal relationships with our students throughout the process, which ensures that we really get to know them as individuals. Yet, we are also sufficiently detached so we can differentiate between parents’ rightful pride in their children and qualities that merit accentuating in the college process.

The expertise of the in College Consulting team made what could have been a very stressful process completely stress-free and enjoyable!

Standing Out

Some elite colleges review an application eight minutes or less.

Given the high financial stakes and the highly competitive climate, many families find value in investing in professional, individualized guidance in the college search and application process. We help students present their best selves to admissions committees and show each college how that student could add value to the campus community. Our goal is to help our students produce applications and essays that admissions officers will remember while driving home that night. Families often report that the initial investment in expert college consulting assistance helps ensure that they wisely spend their much larger investment in four years of college, often upwards of $200,000.

Not Your Parents’ College Admissions… or Even Your Older Cousin’s!

Gone are the days when applying to college meant “filling out a few forms” and perhaps “writing a college essay.” Today, most students must simultaneously write numerous essays, manage multiple online application platforms, and strategize about early application options as well as major and school selection.

Like so many other aspects of our lives, COVID-19 upended the college admissions process, which was already exceptionally confusing and competitive. Since the pandemic, application numbers at many American universities have skyrocketed, leading acceptance rates to plunge even further. The landscape around standardized testing has also changed dramatically since the pandemic, transforming a once-routine aspect of the admissions process into a complex, time-consuming series of decisions requiring extensive analysis. Our expert team stays current on the rapidly-changing admissions climate in order to help students successfully navigate the post-pandemic admissions process.

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Our work includes advising students about high school curriculum and activities and coordinating the college application process from school selection through application submission. We help students use their distinctive voices to create thoughtful, polished essays that showcase their attributes.

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