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I had no idea what I wanted in a college or how to start at all with the whole college admission process. Beth not only helped me navigate the process, she was present every step of the way. She works individually with each student and develops a process that works specifically for them. As I applied to over 12 schools, I needed help editing my essays and staying on track. We developed a schedule together where I would write a specific amount of essays each week and bring them in. We would edit together. The college admission process is so complex and overwhelming, Beth provided necessary guidance and information. She allowed me to be as successful in the college admission process as I possibly could.
Sydney K., Deerfield, IL
Santa Clara University Class of 2023​
Our daughter had a fabulous experience working remotely with in College Consulting. Even though they never met in person, Caroline and Beth quickly connected and worked efficiently and effectively. Beth helped Caroline identify the story she wanted to share in her applications and do so in her own unique voice.
Krista A., Corpus Christi, TX parent
Wheaton College Class of 2024
In College Consulting was a tremendous support for my daughter. They helped her tell her story in a way that was authentic and meaningful. They are reliable, accessible and highly knowledgeable in the college application and essay writing process. Most importantly, they eased my daughter’s stress and she looked forward to her sessions.
Jen P., Lake Forest, IL parent
University of Iowa College of Nursing Class of 2024
If I’m going to be all english-y and poetic, I’d say working with in College Consulting is like getting something off the tip of your tongue. It’s like when you want to write about something, think you have something unique, and know it’s something funny about yourself, but could never imagine that you could write a formal essay about it. Who would’ve thought you could write about your obnoxious bright blue crocs for a college essay? Or how you eat food in the shower to multitask? I sure didn’t. If I were to sum all of this up, I’d say that Beth helped me take random, quirky and weird things I do in my everyday life and write something really meaningful from it.
Marni S., Deerfield, IL
University of Wisconsin-Madison Class of 2024​
Thanks for making this process less stressful for both Hannah and me! You definitely helped Hannah put her best self out there in this crazy process! It would be great if you could put my other kids on your “list” for the coming years.
Amy S., Deerfield, IL parent
University of Michigan Class of 2023
We are just thrilled with the progress and success that you had with Ben in the college process. We just can’t thank you enough for your time, but especially appreciate you for the connection and impression you have made with him. He looked forward to working with you and was so eager and motivated to do whatever steps you said are necessary. It was a very exciting time for all of us, though a little bittersweet, too, but we valued this experience with you so much and be sure that you will have our daughter, Hope, next year!
Kim M., Libertyville, IL parent
University of Kentucky Classes of 2023 and 2024
Our son was able to work efficiently and effectively with in College Consulting on all of his college essays, which were numerous. The fact that we worked remotely was never an issue. Technology made it a seamless process and better since Nick was able to work from home. Not only was Nick able to complete many more college essays than I would have imagined, he was able to finish well ahead of deadlines.
Cindy O., Santa Barbara, CA parent
University of Colorado-Boulder Class of 2024

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